Project Timeline - Tampa Storm Water
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Project Timeline

Project Timeline

The design, construction and installation of the stormwater drainage conveyance system will take approximately 30 months to complete. To minimize the impacts to residences, businesses and schools within the corridor, the Project will be implemented in three phases.


Phase 1 – Estrella Street (from the Old Tampa Bay outfall to Manhattan Avenue)

Design: Completed June 2018

Construction: Completed June 2019


Phase 2 – Manhattan Avenue (from Estrella Street to Watrous Avenue)

Design: Completed April 2019

Construction: Completed December 2019


Phase 3 – Watrous Avenue (from Manhattan Avenue to Dale Mabry Highway)

Design: Completed April 2019

Construction: Started December 2019, Estimated Completion Date December 2020


The City of Tampa and Kimmins Contracting have committed to keep the residents aware of the status of construction for this project. The schedule linked below is subject to change but we will keep you abreast of any significant changes to this schedule via public notice.


Upper Peninsula Construction Schedule


Thank you for your patience and understanding.