Q&A - Tampa Storm Water
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Questions & Answers

What is the Upper Peninsula Watershed Improvements Dale Mabry/Henderson Trunkline Design-Build Project?

In 2016 the City of Tampa approved a Stormwater Improvement Assessment which established funding for much needed capital improvement projects aimed at alleviating flooding within the City’s improvement area. The Upper Peninsula Watershed Improvements Dale Mabry/Henderson Trunkline Design-Build Project (Project) is one of many projects to be designed and constructed as part of that program.

What does the Project include?

The Project consists of the design and construction of approximately 8,100 feet of box culvert, laterals, inlets and associated utility relocations, commencing at the Estrella Street outfall and terminating at the intersection of Dale Mabry Highway and Watrous Avenue. The remainder of the trunkline to the intersection of Dale Mabry Highway and Henderson Boulevard will be constructed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). In addition to the trunkline, the Project will also incorporate state-of-the-art “green” infrastructure solutions to reduce pollutant loading on Old Tampa Bay. These solutions are being developed during the Project design phase.

Can you describe the Project route?

The Project route will commence at the Estrella Street outfall west of Westshore Boulevard, east on Estrella Street to Manhattan Avenue, north on Manhattan Avenue to Watrous Avenue and east on Watrous Avenue to the west side of Dale Mabry Highway. To view the Project area map, visit our website at www.tampastormwater.com.

What are the benefits of the Project?

The Project will be a key part of an integrated system that will provide relief of frequent flooding.

How long will the Project take?

The design, construction and installation of the stormwater drainage conveyance system will take approximately 30 months to complete. To alleviate the impacts to residences, businesses and schools within the corridor, the Project will be implemented in three phases:

Phase 1 – Estrella Street (from the Old Tampa Bay outfall to Manhattan Avenue)
Design: Start July 2017
Construction: Start date estimated to be April 2018

Phase 2 – Manhattan Avenue (from Estrella Street to Watrous Avenue)
Design: Start July 2017
Construction: Start date to be determined

Phase 3 – Watrous Avenue (from Manhattan Avenue to Dale Mabry Highway)
Design: Start July 2017
Construction: Start date to be determined

Approximately how long will each phase be under construction? Will construction of one phase end before the next begins?

The Project schedule will be developed and updated as the team progresses through design and permitting.

How specifically will those residents, businesses and schools directly along the Project route be impacted?

Every effort will be made to minimize impacts to residents, businesses and schools along the Project route. The specific impacts will be identified during the design phase. The Project team will be meeting one-on-one with all property owners directly adjacent to the Project corridor. The timing of these meetings will coincide with the proposed Project phasing outlined above.

Will access to property be impacted at any time during construction activities?

Access to property may be impacted during construction. Residents, businesses and schools will be accommodated based on their individual needs.

Will construction activities impact landscaping on private property?

The contractor’s work is intended to be limited to the right-of-way.

Once construction begins, how will the City of Tampa mitigate traffic issues within the Project area?

During the design phase and prior to commencement of construction, detailed maintenance of traffic plans will be developed to minimize disruption to residences, businesses and schools. Please refer to the website and alert boards for additional construction and traffic information.

How will the Project improve stormwater drainage in the area?

The Project is one of several projects the City of Tampa will be implementing during the next several years to provide incremental improvement to the stormwater infrastructure within the City of Tampa.

How will the City inform residents about the Project?

The Project team will begin meeting one-on-one with residents, businesses and schools located in the area designated in Phase 1 starting in mid-June, and will continue to meet with those in Phase 2 and Phase 3, as the design phase progresses. In addition to one-on-on meetings, the Project team will meet with affected neighborhood associations, give presentations to school officials and PTAs, and host public meetings throughout the course of the Project. Additional details about the Project, including the dates of upcoming meetings, can be obtained from the Project website at www.tampastormwater.com or by calling the Project hotline at (813) 235-0364.

What is the Project cost and how is it being funded?

The total cost of the Project is $37 million, equally funded by the City of Tampa and the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). The segment at Dale Mabry Highway between Henderson Boulevard and Neptune Street will be funded, designed and constructed by FDOT upon completion of the Project.

Will taxes increase for City of Tampa property owners as a result of the Project?

A Stormwater Improvement Assessment was passed by City Council in 2016 that provided the funding for this and other stormwater projects. The remaining funding will be provided by the SWFWMD.

How do I get more information and updates on the Project?

If you would like more information on the Upper Peninsula Watershed Drainage Improvements Dale Mabry/Henderson Trunkline Design-Build Project or you would like to set up a meeting with the Project team, please call our Project hotline at (813) 235-0364 or visit our Project website at www.tampastormwater.com.